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Ireland on a highway to Hell

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Change happens quickly, if you stay in one place. For six years I have been coming to Ireland. I used to like this green country very much - with its friendly people with their special sense of humor; who don’t lose their good nature even when drunk, a bit like us Russians. Having participated in volunteer projects, I often came to visit acquaintances I had made over the years.

In May of this year Ireland legalized homosexual cohabitations through a popular referendum. 61% of those who went to the polls, voted in favour. I believe that in all countries where this vice has been legalized, people generally express support for it for the much the same reasons.

This is the very same Republic of Ireland which did not sell contraceptives 30 years ago, where abortions are still banned and until relatively recently it was difficult even to get a divorce. But it turns out this apparent conservativism was just an outer shell.

In Cork, the pub, with appropriated by the perverts trademark rainbow flag, is located directly opposite the city Courthouse. The gift shop along with a leprechaun, sheep and glasses of "Guinness" hang around the paraphernalia of homosexuals. The tourist office window is fully occupied with pederastic brochures and leaflets about the upcoming deviants’ parade. People pass by, as if nothing unusual is happening, and no one makes any attempt to obliterate or raise any objection to this abomination.

This year I have realized the reason for this indifference or even approval of vice. As I was told by acquaintances, the Irish consider it perfectly normal to use ‘sex toys’ - I do not need to spell out their specific names as we all know what I mean; because the facts cannot be avoided or hidden. These sophisticated types of sex devices are used not simply by some perverts, but by ordinary family people. ‘Items’ with a or without a motor are stored in a bedside table or wardrobe. Imagine this concept of "family" life, where the body of a husband or wife is a mere tool to achieve more and more thrills, in all imaginable and unimaginable ways.

They say: ‘what is the problem if it is done by mutual agreement, with respect for our partner and for a more complete realization of our sexual potential?’ Well, they picked up nice words to justify themselves. Where is the talk about chastity, dignity and self-control? They are completely unaware of the Orthodox view on the admissibility and inadmissibility of certain things about adultery in a marriage. Never mind Orthodox teaching, but what has become of the traditional Catholic teachings and attitude towards marriage? Disappeared, it seems, as if it had never existed ...

No abstinence exists at all - they are trained from childhood to expect & get self-satisfaction and do not hesitate to discuss their desires with strangers. Now consider whether or not such people will protest against the legalization of perversion, the embedding of debauchery? They will certainly not. After all, they are no better than those miserable homosexuals, and maybe even worse. I am not exaggerating about the spread of this phenomenon; it has been calmly spoken of by many people, so it has become a normal part of their life.

However, all this ‘enhanced’ sexual technique for some reason does not help to maintain the relationship. The couple quarrel and divorce, hating each other, but no conclusions about the abnormality of their marriage relationship are drawn.

The taint of corruption penetrates minds of people gradually, step by step people accustomed to the admissibility of abominations. It is not by chance that in most supermarkets next to the checkouts, where the impulse-purchase goods are located, retailers suddenly began to stock the devices for sexual degenerates. “Why, don’t you know what this ‘balloon’ is for? You must be a savage! All civilized men and women are doing this!” Watch out, people, get used to it, it is becoming the norm, and those who try and oppose it are deemed ‘backward’ - they are ignorant and prudish.
1. Shelf in a regular shop in Dublin.

2. This is also a regular shop, near shampoo and soap.
3. A note-book cover with the 'funny joke'
4. A window shop in the centre of Dublin.
In Ireland a huge number of children are born with congenital malformation, called Spina Bifida. It is a relatively common condition, which affects about one in every 1000 children born per year in the country. Ireland has one of the highest incidences of spina bifida births in the world.

This spina bifida is a terrible thing - children born with big heads or atrophied limbs; with intellectual disability and a nasty collection of side sores. For parents, caring for these disabled children becomes a daily suffering, because children require incontinence and toilet support, physio- and occupational therapy. Many of them need a VP shunt (to relieve brain swelling) and even a high level of social assistance does not help much. The Irish do not know the causes, putting forward different versions, from bad environment to micronutrient deficiencies. I believe that their way of sexual life and the birth of children with such terrible deformities are linked. People must start to understand the link, before it is too late.
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